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Villa Española Saludable is a project developed by the Centro Educativo Unidos por los Niños within the Renová Unión-Villa Española Program, supported by the Municipality of Montevideo and the BID.


This project seeks to promote and raise awareness among the population about different ways to contribute to a better quality of life and bio-psycho-social well-being, stimulating the practice of healthy habits in the neighborhood. It also seeks to serve as a space for community sharing and the generation of a sense of belonging to the neighborhood and its institutions, thus stimulating the participation of residents and good habits in health, society and culture.


The proposal consists of a healthy mobile fair, which is held every fifteen days in different strategic points of the neighborhood and institutions:

- demonstrative cooking.

- games for children and adults.

- physical activity.

- nutritional evaluation.

- music

and lots of fun!

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